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Financial Aid

Approximately 75% of ICA families receive funds from one of our scholarship organizations!

Inverness Christian Academy participates in the Florida corporate tax scholarship programs, particularly the Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarships for families who qualify financially.  To fill out an application to see if you qualify, click the logos below.  Families who qualify and are accepted receive FREE books and tuition from Inverness Christian Academy, up to a maximum amount established annually by the state - between $6,000 and $7,000 for 2017-2018, depending on grade level of the student. The family shall be responsible for the remainder of tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship.  FOSTER children and children in-between homes are automatically approved for the scholarship ahead of all other applicants.  

In 2014, Step Up for Students began a special needs scholarship, called the Personal Learning Student Account (PLSA), now re-named the GARDINER scholarship.  While the student with the disability need not specifically have an IEP, information and diagnosis from the student's physician is used to help determine eligibility. Diagnoses that are covered are specifically mentioned on the website below.

For Income-based scholarship from Step-UP, click HERE

For Special-Needs based scholarship from Step-UP, click HERE

For Income-based scholarship from AAA Scholarship, click HERE

The John MCKAY scholarship for students with special needs is the most common form of funding for students who are either coming from a public school in Florida with an IEP or 504 plan, or are transferring an existing McKay scholarship from another private school in Florida.  Out-of-state students must attend public school for at least one year with an existing IEP or 504 plan.  Funding for IEP students vary, based upon their matrix number assigned by their last public district.  The funding amounts for an IEP pay, at a minimum, the standard fees and standard tuition for ICA.  For additional funding, a student would have to have a matrix of 252, 253, or 254.  Students with a 504 plan wil have about 80% of tuition and fees paid for, and are responsible for paying the balance on a monthly basis.  Click on the McKay link below to fill out a scholarship intent form.  MCKAY scholarships are available YEAR-ROUND, provided the academy has openings during the year.

For the John McKay scholarship for students who had IEPs or 504s in the public school, CLICK HERE


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